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Some hyperbole may occur during typing

Blogged by weight, not by volume

Once, I biked for an hour, until there was no more bikable path. Then I walked for half an hour. By this point, I was in a really out of the way spot, unable to hear or see anything manmade except for the path I'd walked up. Then I climbed up on a rock and began to read stories about space empires.

I also use tang as a condiment.

The bewitching of naughtiness doth obscure things that are honest; and the wandering of concupiscence doth undermine the simple mind.

Raised Baptist; [Russian] Orthodox (ROCOR) since April 2007 (baptized Lazarus Saturday); alternatingly slavophile and occident-ophile, alternatingly with paternal urges and monastic urges. Bell ringer, altar server, and Sacred Harp singer. Inactive rocket scientist (which is probably easier than brain surgery, but that's the most I can say). It'll equilibriate eventually.